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Our Classic Christmas crackers will make your Christmas table sparkle!

Opt for traditional Bows and Berries Christmas Crackers featuring holly leaves, pretty Red Tree Flakes Christmas Crackers with glitter Christmas trees, contemporary Festive Stagand Father Christmas Christmas Crackers, original Christmas Bouquet Christmas Crackers and pretty Gold Robin Christmas Crackers.

All our Christmas crackers are carefully made by hand using traditional methods and materials : matt and shiny papers, organza fabric, glitter, ribbons...

There are twelve Christmas crackers in each box.

Each Christmas cracker contains a snap, a quality gift, an amusing joke and a deluxe party hat.

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Classic Christmas Crackers (12x30cm)

Bows & Berries Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers with a holly pattern.

Base price with tax:
35,00 €

Christmas Bouquet Christmas Crackers

Elegant floral Christmas crackers.

Base price with tax:
35,00 €

Festive Stags Christmas Crackers

Contemporary Christmas crackers with festive stags.

Base price with tax:
35,00 €

Gold Robin Christmas Crackers

Gold and red Christmas crackers with pretty robins.

Base price with tax:
35,00 €

Red Tree Flakes Christmas Crackers

Bring a Christmas sparkle to your dining table.

Base price with tax:
35,00 €

Natural Christmas

natural christmas

Classic Crackers

classic crackers

box of 6 or box of 12

Designer Crackers

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Crackers for Children

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Musical Crackers

Musical Christmas

Fun Christmas Crackers

fun christmas